- Healthcare Informatics Consulting Services

Healthcare Informatics Consulting Services

We Provide Assessment, Requirements Analysis and Training on;
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Healthcare Information Systems Design, Specification and Assessment
  • Patient Care Flow Analysis across EMR, EHR, HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS, ...
  • Healthcare Data Governance
  • Healthcare Data Security and Privacy Management
  • Healthcare Patient Data and Enterprise Disaster Recovery
  • Healthcare Big Data collection, Integrity, and Analytics
  • IT Infrastructure Capacity and Security Assessment
  • ICT-human Interface Assessment for Improved Patient Care
  • Integrated Document Management System with HIS and MR
  • Integrated Policy Management System with Quality, Infection Control & FMS
  • International Standard of Care Quality and Patient Safety (JCI)
  • JCI Requirements, Measurables, KPIs, Dashboards, Policies, SOPs
  • International Standards of Environment and Facility Safety
  • Infection Control and Management Assessment (Policies, Protocols, Detection)
  • Continually review and recommend the latest technology available for;
    • Healthcare Information Systems
    • Intelligent Healthcare Engines
    • Collaborative Distant Healthcare Services
    • data security
    • eHealth
      • eAuthorization
      • eClaim
      • ePrescription
    • mHealth
    • analytics
      • Infection Predictive Analysis
      • Drug-Drug Interaction Predictive Analysis
      • Antibiotic Resistance and Super Bug Predictive Analysis
    • Wearables
    • BYOD
    • DIY

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